Voxeet App

"At Voxeet, we take sound seriously."

Our team of sound engineers are at the forefront of new technology that mimics the way the human ear operates and processes social interactions.

The secret is in our sound algorithms. “True voice” technology. It transforms the ordinary conference call into a 3D immersive, surround-sound experience. Imagine hearing everyone crystal clear, as if they’re in the room with you, sitting to your left, your right, or even behind you. Pick up subtle nuances. Read between the words. Know what people are really feeling and saying. Our technology is making waves.

“Spatial audio rendering, when applied to audio conferencing, is positioned to transform the experience in a way that has few comparisons”. - GigaOm

“The best audio conferencing I have heard… I was amazed, actually. Wish everything audio on the Web worked that way.” - Robert Scoble

New features

  • Now available: Ability for the iOS, Android & Javascript SDK to join a conference with optional parameters such as "ExternalID", Display_Name, Avatar_Url

  • If you use "External login" like O365, LDAP, or custom login to retrieve contact details it is now possible to also add your contact ID with the display name and the photo Url Avatar. This allows you to ask guest users to introduce themselves and provide their display name and for your authenticated users in your enterprise or for your clients the ID that can be retrieved from O365 (name, department, etc).

  • To ease the integration process and if you are interested to re-use some of the Voxeet Conferencing UX elements, we just added a Javascript SDK sample with a "React UI" component sample. Let us know if you would like to access our icons to speed up your deployment. Next we will look into a "Angularjs" sample.

Available features

The Voxeet SDK Clients allow users to:

  • Create conferences: Refreshingly simple calls, immersive TrueVoice sound and a host of productive features

  • Change sounds angle and direction for each conference user: Our room model: Voxeet App

  • Broadcast messages to other participants: Send text message to other participant, it can also be used to do actions on a participant.


Here are the new SDK features which will be available during the next weeks:

  • Schedule conferences: Just schedule your call and we’ll do the rest. Including calling you and your team when it’s time for your meeting.

  • Call recording and real-time replay: Capture your meetings as they happen with super clear TrueVoice sound. Replay them in real time, any time.

  • File presentation: Durig a conference, shift into presentation mode on a dime so your files are always ready for conferences, client proposals or team meetings.

  • Group chat: Send instant messages to one or more contacts during or outside of your call.

  • File sharing: Easily share files on mobile devices from your computer, Box, Google Drive or Dropbox.

  • Voice messages: Leave clear, easy-to-retrieve messages for your team members when they're not around.

  • Conversation channels: Save your conversations as channels. Link any relevant files, chat threads, photos, voice messages or conference histories.

Voxeet SDK Clients

Voxeet is adding support to its True Voice Immersive audio group-conferencing solution through mobile SDKs for both iOS and Android and Javascript SDK

Voxeet Javascript SDK

Voxeet Android SDK

Voxeet iOS SDK

  • Add truevoice-conferencing to your iOS applications with the Voxeet iOS SDK

Sample Application

A sample application is available for every client SDK on this public repository on GitHub.